Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate it i love it i hate it i love it

I hate you Philadelphia
Because of your meaningless Flash Mobs
And angry homeless
I love you Philadelphia
Because of the man playing his violin outside of the Lucky Strikes
And the other man jamming at his guitar outside of the Capogiro
I hate you because he won't move out of the way when I'm trying to walk past him

I hate you because the rich are heartless
And their children spoiled
Drinking their wine
In their overpriced restaurants
I love Philadelphia
I do
When I see a woman laugh
As the young men struggle with carrying a couch
Across the street

I love you
Because I can walk on your streets
Anywhere and everywhere
And nowhere too sometimes
I love your Sun
It's your Sun
In the Spring
In the Fall
I hate you in the summer
With your overbearing heat
And humidity
Unable to breathe
And the winter
With your slush
And errant snowballs

I hate the way you look
After a sweltering Thursday night
Vomit on the streets
Beer cans and bottles
But I love you Sunday mornings
It befits you
The quiet

I love the way you
Cradle me
Like a newborn
As I sit at one of your lakes
The contaminated water
Unfit to swim
But serene
That's you Philadelphia
And I hate you and I love you and I hate you and I love you

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