Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hug an Asian Pacific American for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Did you know that May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? Me neither! And now it's almost over and so is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It might be too late to do anything spectacular to celebrate this proud people, but bear with me as I present a proposal.


Why? Because Asian Americans make up the third largest minority group in America. Because they have one of the largest educational attainment levels. Because they are fucking adorable.

Aren't they cute?
Asian Americans, for better and for worse, are considered the "Model Minority". What does that mean? That means that we could all be models!

Here's some more stats:

There are nearly 14.9 million Americans that are either Asian or a combination of Asian. By 2050, this will increase by 213%! If you're not sure how many Asians that means, ask an Asian to do the math for you.

49% of Asians 25 and over have at least a Bachelors Degree. And 20% have a Masters Degree or higher.

There are over 1.1 million businesses owned by Asian Americans.

What does that mean? It means America runs on Dunkin', and Asians. But it also means that despite these statistics, despite the fact that we are so good looking: we are all different. We are all unique, and even though we are a part of a community, we have all grown up with vastly different backgrounds.

The Asian Pacific American community is almost more united in our differences than with what we have in common and I think that's what makes us so...American!

Forgetting about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is equal to forgetting someone's birthday. The problem is, most Asian Americans will let this oversight go. They're polite that way.


So, the next Asian (Pacific) American you see, I want you to give them a nice, caressing hug. Then say, "I appreciate you."

We'll know what you mean.

Now, watch this video to get a full perspective of the Asian American Experience.

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