Monday, May 24, 2010

My Review Of the Lost Series Finale party

After so much anticipation, it's only inevitable that people are going to be let down. But my Lost Series Finale Pajama Party Ice Cream Social nearly met all expectations! All the important people were involved: Me, Kim, Drew, and Dustin, the puppet, for comic relief.

What's a Fina
le Party without ice cream, some Oreo's, and, of course, Milk! Did we disappoint?
I think not!

I had the cheap but delicious Walgreens Dutch Chocolate Blend. And Kim and Drew? The surprising choices of Twix and Snickers Ice cream "flavors". A little disappointing, but not every Finale party is going to go exactly as planned.

Things quickly picked up with this surprise twist:

Kim made Dustin pajamas!!!! WHHHAAATT? At that point, I didn't know what was going to happen next!

We then went through the ringer of emotions:

We laughed!

We cried!

We were terrified!!!

And that was just during The Prince of Persia Commerical! That movie looks craaaazzzzyy!

After that, we had to dea
l with the fall - our sugar high causing us to crash fast! It was thrilling to see who would make it through the night, the tension mounting to an unknown end!

When Drew stopped cracking jokes, and Kim stopped hugging Dustin, I thought the night was...well, lost. But like every good drama, they persevered, fighting all odds, beating man's enemy, Sleep, with a one-two punch! YES! It was exhilarating! The Lost Series Finale Pajama Party Ice Cream Social hit an incredible high!

And then the
Lost Series Finale started!

What a night! Overa
ll, even though the Lost Series Finale Party hit a few snags, it's in my opinion that it was the best Lost Series Finale Party ever!!

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