Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obituary for Sun Hwa Kwon and Jin Soo-Kwon

Last night, Sun Hwa-Kwon (28) and Jin Soo-Kwon (33) passed away together, in a unfortunate submarine accident, off an island in an unknown location.
They are survived by their daughter, Ji Yeon, and Sun's parents, Mr. Paik and his wife...Mrs. Paik.

Sun and Jin met in Seoul, Korea at a young age, Sun just out of college, and Jin a son of a lowly fisherman. They have been inseparable ever since.

Friends have said that: "The only thing that could keep these two apart are Sun's dangerous and powerful father, Jin's inability to stay on a boat without it exploding, and time travel."
On September 24, 2004, Sun and Jin were two survivors of the terrifying crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Only 48 people survived this terrible accident, on an island scientists have still not located, but may be found to the west of Fiji, if it hasn't moved again.

After facing polar bears, starvation, attacks from a dangerous tribe called the Others, and an unexpected pregnancy that would have spelled death for Sun, the survivors faced rescue. Or so they thought. It turned out that the would-be-rescuers were sent to eradicate all life on the island, and a dangerous man by the name of Keamy placed C4 by the tons in the hull of their ship.

Jin tried to stop the explosion, with the help of Michael, who had returned to the island after betraying his friends and killing two women and freeing the captive Others leader, Ben, in order to rescue his son who was being held captive and tested on, and now was working with Ben to save his friends who he had betrayed...and some guy named Desmond.

They failed. Sun was on the only helicopter to escape the ship and became part of the Oceanic 6, the only survivors to leave the island. She could only watch in horror as the ship, and her husband, exploded in front of her.

"This was the worst moment of my life," she had said, "except for when I thought I was being kidnapped - but that turned out to be Charlie pretending to be an Other in order for Sawyer to get the guns...ah never mind. It sucked."

In reality, Jin survived the explosion, and made his way back to the island, where he met with the other survivors that were left behind, stuck on the island as it moved through time. He survived by, "Knowing that my wife was alive and that our child was with her." He even made Locke, who had found a way back home by turning an underground donkey wheel, to promise him that he would not seek her out.

But Sun's love for Jin was undaunting. She found a way to return to the island, and with the rest of the Oceanic 6, she took another plane that passed over the island. While the rest of her friends were transported to the 1970's and Jin, she remained on the plane as it crash landed back on the island.

They remained separated, until Jack, another of the Oceanic Six, convinced his friends in the 70's to detonate a hydrogen bomb in a pocket of energy in order to prevent the very crashing of Oceanic 815. Jin, who was now working for Dharma, a secret group of scientists who had set camp on the island, was confused by this. "I was like - detonate a hydrogen bomb? Really?" But he went with it, and besides the countless deaths that this probably caused, they found themselves transported back into the present day.

Then, nothing happened for a while. "We were on opposite sides of the island," said Sun, "and I was getting frustrated. A part of me didn't even care anymore - I was just so tired. I even forgot english at one point - what was that about?"

But, finally, they were reunited. "We will never be parted again," Jin is reported to have said, as they were reunited on the beach

"I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with the man I love," said Sun.
And then the next day they drowned.

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