Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Moving

Haven't written in a while because I am moving and I am sad.

There is less than a week and everything's happening too fast. And I am moving...so...slow. Maybe a part of me just does not want to leave.

With that in mind...does anyone need a bookshelf? A cabinet? A stereo? These things are priceless to me. So you would pay equal to that amount.

Ah, the memories!

Or a futon? Perhaps...? Folds into a bed, but works as a couch. It's like getting two things for the price of one*! (*you would pay for the price of two)

The sadness! Of never seeing these things again! All I need is a good friend to take these things for a monetary amount equal to the sadness of parting with them; a true, kind, honest friend, to help me through this trying time.

But who is such a friend...?*

*Supplies are limited! Please contact me in this blog or on Facebook (please, no phone calls!) Accepts cash or check, with proper identification and proof of sustainable checking account. No refunds or exchanges. Offers based on the amount of love one has for Timothy. Friendship is very much at stake. Offer excluded for residents of Alaska and Hawaii.

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