Saturday, July 10, 2010

My love letter to Wireless

Dear Wireless,

I fucking
love you. I wish you were here with me, always. I took you for granted before, and all that you did for me. The instant gratification. The streaming videos. Hulu. Facebook. IMDB. I never knew how much I Wikipedia'd that shit until I wasn't able to Wikipedia that shit. Blogging is nothing without you.

I have you now, brief
ly, and I don't want to let you go. Run away with me. No one has to know. We will have beautiful babies and tan on the beach. I fucking love you, baby. IN THAT WAY. I know, it's weird. But I want to go all the way with you. IN THAT WAY. We can make it classy, I'm a classy guy. I'll bring bubbly. That's champagne, not the cheap shit either. Tell me what you think. No pressure. I will dream of you, until our next meeting.

Love Always,



  1. Wow... lol, the label of sexual pressure is a *tiny* bit inappropriate but I thoroughly enjoyed it ;)

  2. Thanks, Carly! If there is a line to cross, I will be there, trying to have sex with it, inappropriately.