Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I Forgot I Missed

A clear night sky, stars everywhere. Seeing old friends. Transversing the backyard with my Dad, watching him worry. That stupid dog jumping all over me. The Walmart I worked at. The good people there.

The sky.

Joking with my sister like we are the only ones who get it, because we are the only ones who get it. Starbucks with my family, us ordering a hundered different things, coffees, and chais, and muffins, and scones, my Dad watching the car the whole time, that stupid dog inside it, my Dad hoping that he's not scared and won't be kidnapped. Does he mean dognapped? No, he mean's kidnapped.

That sky.

Jack in the Box, my God, how I missed you. Driving aimlessly until the aim is to drive. Mt. Rainier, just there, just sitting there. Hearing my parents laugh. They have the most wonderful laugh. I forgot how much I missed their laugh. Chanting with my Mom before sleep. That dog lying next to us when we do chant, our voices soothing to him, that stupid, loyal, wonderful, beautiful dog.

And that sky. That beautiful, star-sprinkled sky.

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  1. Love it :) Washington and that stupid dog, they missed you too!