Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Review!!

I just read this stunning new blog called: HAVE A GREAT CHICAGO! How clever is that? I think it's by a new, up-in-coming writer! Highly recommended investigative reporting blog! Check it out!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicago Dreamin' Part 2 - Not Going Down Without a Fight!

CHICAGO. I'm not scared of you. Even though I had a dream about you where I got lost and eaten by a herd of these fucking things:

What the hell are those things?!?

I'm not afraid of Chicago. Even though it's massive. Even though I have no friends in it's prestigious "Loop" district.

But it doesn't matter. I will out-loop this loop. I will out-second this city.

I will Roosevelt you in the face, Roosevelt University!


And you, LAKE! You're not so great!

....fuck you!

I think I've made my point here. I'm absolutely terrified.

Pictures of PUPPETS taking Pictures!


He's taking a picture here, a beautiful nature shot on the jagged hills of Mt. Rainier! Dustin knows a thing or two about adventure. And he knows a thing or three about pictures. He took most of the pictures on the hiking trip, but he probably won't say so, cause he's modest.

I've left many things behind in Philadelphia, but Dustin is a constant bro. People sometimes stare when I carry him around, but what do they know about friendship? What do they know about adventure?


And this blog is dedicated to him.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chicago Dreamin' Part 1 - POINT Z

I'm looking ahead, Chicago dreamin', to Chicago, and my new life.

But that might be a little boring at first, and there's going to be a big learning curve, and it'll be stressful, so I decided to step up my dreamin' and go from Point A to Point Z!

In two and a half years time, I will have a collection of short stories that I will be trying to sell. There will be about ten stories inside, with a couple essays, and even two or three poems. But let's skip that process too - writing and selling writing isn't fun to write about.

What's fun is TITLES. I've narrowed it down to 4 titles for my future short story collection. This is Point Z.

Here they are:

Some Things You Just Don't Talk About

This Is What It Means To Be Displaced

You Always Say That

Everything Will Be Just Fine As Long As You Do It Yourself

Look for one of these titles on your I-Pad.4 or Kindle 3000 as you zoom through the city on your jet pack, over the post-apocolyptic landscape of 2013.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures of People Taking Pictures Part 4 - Big Sky Country Edition

Here we have my Dad taking a picture of my favorite picture of the whole trip! It was a bubbling pool of sulfer right in the beautiful and breathtaking Yellowstone.

He's such a pro with his camera, the classic Minolta, one of the last of its kind, that he was even able to catch the tiny white bubbles escaping the steaming blue earth. I don't know why this pool of sulfer was blue, but it was the bluest blue that ever blued, if you know what I mean. And it was clear enough that we could see the crevices and small canyons as it stretched down below. Simply amazing! Big Sky Country, we bow down to you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

How Do You Perceive Yourself, Falco?

Do you know what you are? Who you are? Do you know your name? Do you know what a name is?

When we eat at the dinner table and you try to join us, do you think you're one of us? Or that we are one of you? When you see your reflection, do you know that is you?

Do you know the concept of you, Falco?

When you bark at other dogs at the park, are you trying to scare them away, or find a friend? Is it lonely for you, Falco? Do you sleep to escape all of this, Falco? Do you dream? Do you dream about us?

Do you know the concept of us, Falco?

I sometimes wonder, when you attempt to make love to my mother's legs, if this is a statement of your adoration of her, or if, somewhere in that mind of yours, you believe her legs are one of you, and that you are one of hers, and if you believe that connection is enough to join you two together, you stupid, dumb rapist, Falco.
Do you know how happy you make my parents, Falco? Do you know how much they love you?

Do you know the concept of love, Falco?