Sunday, November 28, 2010


During Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to make my parents' breakfast.  I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE BREAKFAST.  

But I do know how to cook two things: EGGS AND SPAM.  I scrambled the eggs with pride, and fried the Spam like anyone fries Spam, with a mix of elation and shame.  

But I forgot an important element.  My Dad hates eggs!  

Now here's where the magic happens.

Instead of freaking out and throwing a tantrum, like most men would do, he gave me a smile and patted me on my head, like I was eight again.  "Give me the Spam," he said.  

I  gave him two loaves of fried Spam.  He took the Spam, and a slice of pure American Cheese, put them on some bread and set them in the microwave.  

Here is the results:


Not only did he eat this whole thing without sharing, without stopping, as shown here:

He then proceeded to bring up it's creation for the rest of my time home.  When we got gas for the car.  "That was one good sandwich, wasn't it?  I don't even know how I thought of it."

When we went to the mall: "It just happened.  Cheese and Spam.  And then bread.  Who would have thunk it?"

When we picked up my mother from work: "I just microwaved that thing.  Didn't even know how long.  The world is a crazy place."

Before my sister came over for Thanksgiving dinner:  "Did you tell your sister about this?  She needs to know about this.  She would be proud."

And now I share it with the world.  His greatest invention:

2 loaves of Spam
American Cheese (please take out of individual package for better enjoyment)
Bread (white)
Then microwave for...he doesn't remember, you'll figure it out.

You can thank him later.