Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things I want to do next year

Get published like everywhere


Visit Philadelphia

Have a blast at AWP

Get so drunk that I actually do make a mistake

Write a play

Ice skating

Need to have to MUST lose ten-fifteen pounds

Take so many pictures at a party that I literally document every single thing that happens there and it won't even be a good party but people will always wonder why there are freaking 1500 pictures of it on Facebook

Start casually dating: I'VE NEVER DONE THIS

Get over at least one of these fears: Lightning, Embarrassing Myself in Public, Bugs, Decapitation, Casual Dating, Hard Drugs

Investigate Chicago more fully

Write Blogs more frequently

Read at least one story a day (short stories, flash, etc)

Have the opportunity to rob someone, then at the last minute back down because I'm not ready yet

See some freaking shows in Chicago!  Goodness!

What do YOU want to do next year?!?


  1. At least you have a list! I can help with the casual dating, the drunk mistake making, the INVESTIGATE CHICAGO!!!!!! Cause on my list, is coming to see you!

  2. TIM-- great list. I'm with you on a few things here. I'm glad that visiting Philly is in front of losing 15 pounds. Oh, and is AWP the conference in DC in Feb??