Friday, December 31, 2010

Writing Tip - Get Published, DUH

Now that I am FINALLY published in the first issue of Nap I can give this writing tip: get published!  Then people can read your stories!  DUH.  If you're not published then how are people going to read what you wrote?  I guess you can show them one by one, but that's going to take a long time!  So get published already!

Here are the steps to get published.

1.  Write a story or poem.
2.  Submit said story or poem.
3.  Wait.  Go for a walk or get a burrito or something.
4.  Get accepted and then published!
5.  Show off to friends through various internet outlets: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
6.  Write blogs about getting published and give advice because now you can because you are published!
7.  Go on a drinking binge, feel the futility of publication and of life.
8.  Wake up and repeat!!!

Have a Happy New Year and next year just get published already!  Goodness!

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