Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dangerous Implications of Pixar's CARS

Pixar is releasing Cars 2 and that may well be good. Check out their wonderful trailer! Doesn't it look fun?!


Because underneath their smiles and bright white eyes lies a terrible secret.  And all you have to do is ask the most basic of questions.  Firstly: WHERE ARE THE HUMANS?

THINK ABOUT IT.  If we follow the model of other Pixar films, even the most magical and fantastical, they take place on EARTH. 

Toy Story: This is the story of what happens to Toys when HUMANS aren't around.

Monsters Inc: This is the story of monsters that scare little children, little HUMANS.

Up, obviously, is about humans.  Finding Nemo: A story about fish, but there are HUMANS there too.  Even Wall-E has humans, and has an explanation of why they aren't on Earth.  WHERE ARE THE HUMANS IN CARS?

It wouldn't even be so bad if the cars didn't duplicate human behavior as well as they do.  It wouldn't be so bad if the world they lived on didn't replicate Earth.  But they do and it does.  

Where did the cars come from?  How come they act like humans?  How do they procreate?  If they weren't made by humans, in some strange Godless universe, HOW WERE THEY CREATED?  So many awful questions, makes me think that there is something devilish and macabre running underneath this simple children story.

The Cars rest on the bodies of those who died.  

There must have been a robotic uprising of some kind.  That link here?  It's about GOOGLE MAKING CARS THAT DRIVE THEMSELVES.  With these new technologies at our fingertips, is it so hard to believe that some day, robots and CARS will find out that we are no longer needed?


So the next time you watch Cars or Cars 2, think of this: All of the humans and animals that have perished to make this world possible.

1,000s of years after the war, and they don't look as menacing as they did when they wiped us out.  But, still, Cars has more in common with Terminator then it does, say...

Also: as a movie, it's not nearly as good!


  1. Wow! You have really opened my eyes. I will never be able to watch Cars the same again.

  2. Thanks, Mike, my work here is done!

    And Mater was a general in the last of the human purges. He loved hearing children cry.