Monday, July 25, 2011

Jeff and Allison (and me).

Tonight, Jeff and Allison had a romantic late night walk downtown, past the fountain and to the Lake.

With me.

They wanted to go to the Planetarium, because outside of the Planetarium you can have the best view of the city. It's beautiful at night. Even with the lights of the city, you can see stars. And that lake! Nothing can top that lake!

They could barely contain themselves. They skipped halfway there, the cool lake winds brushing against their skin and their hearts.

The only thing that could stop them?

A chance to profess their love under the golden light of the lamppost.

Oh, and I was there too.

On the Lake, they imagined the proper poses they could perform to share their burgeoning love. They tried many poses. Here, three are shown.

1. Distant Lovers

Together but apart, their love could transcend physical touch.

2. Fuck it, let's touch

Here, they say fuck it, and they touch. Notice his arms locked between hers.

3. Newlyweds

Here Jeff carries Allison over the threshold and to the future of loving bliss.

I was with them too.

There I am. On the right.

At the Planetarium, you couldn't beat that view. Pictures don't do it justice, the city lit up against the darkening sky.

This is the most romantic night of my life, Allison said to Jeff.

The sky isn't as beautiful as your face, Jeff said to Allison.

My shoulders hurt, Allison said to Jeff.

I will massage your shoulders, Jeff said to Allison.

And he did.

And I took a picture of him doing it.

That's me. There. Yup.

I believe in this relationship. We are totally going to make it.


  1. Boy stop!

    This is awkward and hilarious. You are definitely a creative person. I believe you will create. A wonderful story will flow from finger tips or pen tips or whatever you use to write. Birth a story,then murder it then resurrect it from the dead and blow its brains out then morph it into mulch and create a zombified man eating plant that you mutate into migratory species and then evolve it into a parasite and take over the World with your new brain child.
    I know you can do it Tim.

  2. Thanks, Jerome! You are the best motivator!!

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