Monday, August 1, 2011

Cute Girl Wearing Sunglasses: Are You in Love with Me? Or Just Wearing Sunglasses?

Cute Girls Wearing Sunglasses are the worst Cute Girls. When they are on the train with me. When they are walking across the street.


You stare straight ahead and I have no idea where your eyes are! Are they on me or are they on:
Are we having eye contact, a moment on the train, or are you staring at:
Are you looking at me and thinking about the children we could have?
Preston and Molly, Future Kids
Or are you staring at the wall and thinking about:
Vanilla, Future Ice Cream
You make things so much harder and things are hard enough out here. We could be having a moment. Love at first sight. But I have no idea what your sight is on. Think about the children!
Preston and Molly, non-existent because you wore sunglasses
We will never have these children because you wore sunglasses and I had no idea if you were looking at me or not.
The Face of Cute Evil
You SHOULD feel bad Cute Girl Wearing Sunglasses. All you had to do was take them off for a second. Just a second. But no. And now we are lost forever.

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