Friday, October 7, 2011

Music Review: Annie Clark's Disembodied Head Gives Stellar Performance at the Metro

Annie Clark's Disembodied Head
Seeing my favorite singer, Annie Clark (known to most of you as St. Vincent), perform at the Metro this week was a freaking awesome experience, even though she only brought her disembodied head. Without the rest of her body to support her, she still managed to outrock the leading rockers in the field of rock, and has more rock exuding from her disembodied head then most rockers do coursing through their entire bodies (including their heads).

I had a wonderful view behind seven foot tall twins that resembled such:

I Grew Accustomed to this Head, to BOTH OF THEM

Except picture TWO OF THESE HEADS in front of you, TWO OF THEM.

Bobbing up and down to Annie Clark's beautiful Disembodied Head.

To my right, there was a young couple, experiencing the joys of new love. Picture a longing, desperate kiss against the Sun, setting on the horizon.

So Romantic!

Except that there was no horizon. 

We were at a concert. At the Metro.

I had a comfortable position in the back of the back!
And they made the same, lovely kiss throughout the night. All night. At the concert. Next to me.

Annie Clark, Rock-Goddess!
St. Vincent sang songs from her new album, Strange Mercy, as well as a cover that no one knew at all. Impressive feats for just a head to do. Who knows what she would have done with her whole body? Maybe there is a law that makes it impossible for her whole body to be present because she would rock too much and would kill you. I do not know how she played guitar without arms and hands, her only being a head and all, but if anyone could do it, I believe Annie Clark would be the one to do it. Which she did.

As far as the musicality of the production, it was totally rocking, with a side of rock. There was one moment, in that song I really like, where she's like singing really loud and such, and like totally being a rock star. I fucking love that shit. And then there were drums and maybe a piano-like thing. And lights. Blue ones, I think.

And then there were other songs that I liked and listened to, standing, in the crowd. With a bunch of other people. Um...what else? What else? From what I could see over the:

It looked like Annie Clark's Disembodied Head was enjoying herself and the audience. She said she loved Chicago. Fucking loved being here. Any time she said 'fuck' the audience went crazy. Like it was a cue.

Well I fucking loved Annie Clark's Disembodied Head. I would fucking see her perform with other parts of her body involved. Like her arms. Or maybe some torso. I would fucking love to see some fucking torso next time!