Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Will Fight You Because I'm Mad!

This is what I look like right now!!!!

This is a day that I am mad! I'm just waiting for you to cross me and then I will get mad at you - you won't even know what hit you - it will by my fist to your face!!!


I am the one Grrrring because I am mad!!!!

You'll be like: "Oh no, I shouldn't have been mean to Tim when he was mad," but now I have beaten you up and you are on the floor crying! 

You might say to yourself, before I punch you, "Tim is not the one who will punch me. He is nice and will not punch me." But you would be wrong! I will use the element of surprise! I'm faster then you could even imagine, you slow stupid person! 


If you were in front of me you'd already be on the ground, holding your throbbing ear, because I have slapped it! 

You will be like this little boy crying like a baby would!!!!

Yeah, mother trucker, you picked the wrong day to cross me. Shoooooottt. The wrong mother trucking day, you know what I'm saying? You are like two extra days wronger from the right day, that's how wrong you are right now, you big dummy! I am mad and I am ready to beat you up! And you will cry and cry! You will ask for a tissue to wipe your tears because you think I am nice but I am mad so you will get no tissue and I will watch you cry! 

I have so many tissues but will offer you none today!!!!

You think that I won't fight you, don't you? That I'm just saying all of this because I'm safe behind a computer, that I'm really a coward.


The Laptop will hit you in the throat!!!!

If you were here I would have kicked my laptop at your face and you would have been so surprised when it hit you in the neck! 


And your car? 



That's what happens if you cross me today because I am mad! I am mad and I will fight you if you cross me in the next half hour but otherwise I will go to sleep and I will dream of karate chopping you in the ribs if you even think about crossing me and then when I wake up I might still be mad or I might not - who knows!