Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things That Are Cool Lately

Cool, that's what I am!

Haruki Murakami! People have been telling me to read this for years, and I've finally just finished "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" - loved the mix of techno noir, fantasy, and satire! Loved the mental fireworks this book gave me! Mental fireworks are cool! Murakami mixes elements of the east and west! That is cool!

400 Pages of Awesome Possum

Beans and Bagels! Every (twice published! what!) writer needs a place to read and compose his literary masterpieces! Beans and Bagels is that place for Tim. It's just off the Rockwell stop (off of the Brownline). It's never too crowded, has good bagels and drinks, and is hip but not so hip that I feel like I shouldn't be there! They even have a special bagel sandwich called, "Super Tim", and, though it is not named after me, I always say, "I'll have a Super Tim today because my name is Tim and I feel super." And this always excited them which is cool!

Ask for a "Super Tim"! Tell them "Tim" sent "you"!

Jellies! Sea life is the coolest! Just yesterday, I went to the Shedd Aquarium and saw the Jellyfish exhibit! It was the coolest! Below is one of the pictures I have taken! Jellies are so strange and mystical - something so alien about them - that I could watch these gross fuckers for hours! Gross is cool sometimes!

This is how I picture THE CENTER OF THE SUN to look like! SO COOL!

United Airlines! I feel like they are the coolest airline! You might think it is not cool to say an airline is cool, but I've been flying on airplanes for years (despite being terrified of them), and know that my flights on United have always been on time, with good service! Though if they play another Selena Gomez movie I MIGHT FLIP A SHIT

United Airlines. Brought to you by Selena Gomez! 

Wolverine and the X-Men! Simply the funnest, coolest Marvel Comic I've read in years! Reminds me of the New X-Men Grant Morrison days which reeked of cool. Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo are a perfect combination for these zany, kinetic adventures. Both of them are here to remind us that comics and X-Men can be cool, which they are!

What is going on here? Read it to find out! It's cool - TRUST ME. 

Dreaming of my Thesis! I start my thesis next semester! The road that I have started over a year ago that has led me to here is winding to a fork that will lead to the end...of the road...and that is my thesis and is cool. Does that make sense? Shit, this might suck.

The Winding Road of my Thesis is the Road to...ah nevermind 

Blogging! Blogging is always cool! Trust me! Did you notice my domain name has changed? I bought it for ten dollars and now all you have to type to get here is: Instead of! Innovation is cool!


Teddy Bear, the Talking Porcupine! 

Just watch! Trust me! He's like freaking talking! Like a Ewok or something! So cool!

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