Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dr. Pepper Ten FOR MEN

My Typical Friday Night:


Reading one of my faves, "Forever in Blue", the fourth book in "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" series, I enjoy the luscious licorice punch of carbonated sweetness! Never bitter! Because I keep Dr. Pepper Ten for Men in the refrigerator sometimes it gets so cold! I counteract this by wrapping a silk scarf around my neck (Delicate, Mother Trucker!), which drapes down my chest. To fully enjoy the Dr. Pepper Ten for Men experience I place an orchid close by to fully address my nostril palette. Also, they are pretty. PRETTY MANLY.

Women? Psh - Lame!

Dr. Pepper Ten for Men tastes best straight from the can because cans are aluminum and aluminum, as we all know, is manly. Not plastic and womanly. DO NOT DRINK DR. PEPPER TEN FOR MEN FROM A BOTTLE! GOODNESS! What makes Dr. Pepper Ten for Men so manly? you might ask. Thanks for asking, woman. Dr. Pepper Ten for Men is so manly because it only has ten calories, thus is bold.

Also: Aspartame!

Try a can of Dr. Pepper Ten for Men at your home with your favorite manly activity if you are a man! If you are not a man, why are you even reading this blog to begin with? GET OUT!!

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  1. why isnt my scarf tagged in this post? we are going to sue