Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twilight Zone Poetry: Poetry Review of "World of His Own"

Season 1, Episode 36: World of His Own
Original Air Date: July 1st, 1960
Teleplay by Richard Matheson

This is what I think.
This episode is the worst
episode of the best
show ever.

This episode
disgusts me. This episode, here,
is grotesque. Hear
me out.

Gregory is a playwright. He can
make his characters come to life,
literally, through the use of
his dictation machine. Voice on tape.

His wife catches him with
a woman, Mary. Mary is
his creation, he reveals. Wife
is skeptical. Modern, glamorous. Strong.

Tonally, this episode fails. Gregory
is playfully smug. He reveals that
he's created the wife too. The
music is light and comical.

Ironically, the wife throws her
own tape in the fire and disappears.
Gregory keeps Mary, the
submissive one. And is happy. The end.

This episode says,
"Women should be submissive."
"Don't you wish you could do this, guys?"
"Writers have unbelievable power."

I say,
"Writers have power only when they value people."
"Gregory is wretched. A fiend."
"Why do I hate this episode so much?"

I wonder, if someone, someday,
will throw my tape in the fire.
And will they be smug? Just?
Will they be worthy?

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