Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twilight Zone Poetry: Years After "Living Doll", Talking Tina Says What Happened

Season 5, Episode 126: Living Doll
Original Air Date: November 1st, 1963
Teleplay by Jerry Sohl 

Talking Tina says:
We’re moving and that’s
fine as long as I'm with my
Christie. We drive. For hours.
In the backseat, Christie holds
me tight to her chest. Wipes her
tears on my hair. Her mother
stares back at us sometimes.
Pretending to be scared but
really she is just wanting.

Talking Tina says:
Car in morning. Hotels
at night. Her mother
is plotting. Desperate. She didn’t
protect her own child. Now,
she blames me. Her mother.
What would the world be like
without her?
The world would be Christie
and I. And no one would hurt
us. Never ever again.

Regarding the past, Talking Tina says:
I am a murderer. I killed
a wicked man who would
do harm to me and to the 

most important girl in the world. 
I have no regrets but one:
He should have suffered.

Talking Tina says this about existence:
I love therefore I am.

Talking Tina says to Christie’s Mother:
I am watching
 you. I am always 
watching you. And I don’t
like you. Not at all.
Words of advice.  
Stay awake.

After Christie’s Mother’s Death, Talking Tina says to Christie:
Don’t cry. You have
me. I will tell us where
to go. I will protect you
from everyone. I know more
about this world than she
ever did. We’ll run away
and then no one will find us
and then -
and then -
It’s like you’re not even listening.

And now, years later, Talking Tina says:
I am the Queen of Waste.
I lie on this refuse and I rule
the banana peels and the
unread books of the world.
There are toys here
like me. Except they
are not like me.  

I Might have been
abandoned like a discarded
orange, or worse,
a broken child. But I have
loved too. My subjects are

terrified of this love. 
It has an unimaginable 
power. Someday, 
love will murder us all. 

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