Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everything I've Learned About Blogging, From My Own Blogging

I am a living blog! Remember me?!
If you really must blog, make sure you have something new to say. Or say something old in a way that only you can say it. Otherwise, why say it?

And in saying what only you can say, make sure you just say it already, don't stall, don't spend time with introductions. Just start.

The title of your blog post should serve as your introduction. If you're too clever and vague with your blog post title you will fail in attracting potential readers who might be interested in the topic presented in your blog post, and you will also waste valuable blogging space introducing the topic when it can be done with a clear blog post title. 

Pictures, one must have pictures! Too much text will blind your loyal readership! 

Here is a picture of a cat.
Blogging is not essaying and not journaling. You can write an essay or keep a journal on your blog, but then they are just essays or journals on your blog. Same with poems.

So what is a blog then? Who knows?

The more I plan a blog the more disastrous it becomes. The more complex, the more weight it holds, the more likely it will fall in on itself and die.

I used to blog ridiculous posts, what I would like to call anti-blogs, because I believed blogs could hold no real substance. I now think that they can hold substance, but only enough to fit in the palm of your hand. 

Do not try to pander to your audience and write what you think will attract readers, they will see through you, you big fake. 

Care about what you write, but don't care so much that you'll be embarrassed about caring about it four years in the future.

Here is another picture of a cat.
You can be more informal with your blogging language. You can swear and fucking spell wurds the way you think they shuld be spell'd.  

Blogging is a good way to develop your writing voice. A good place to experiment.

If you use your blog to sell yourself or your work, you are not really blogging you are advertising, which is fine, really.

If you begin blogging and keep at it, it can be the most rewarding writing that you do. I have complete ownership of this blog, and no one can make me write or design it in any way.

Tag your post, label it. Post it on social networking sites, but only when you have a new blog post. No one likes being spammed. No one should feel obligated to read your blog.

Some people have a main topic for their blog, but I've never been able to be interested in one thing for too long.

Some of those people with a topic for their blogs are trying to get book deals, which is fine too.

I don't think William Shatner will star in my blog. Maybe yours?

Humor is harder than you think to write in your blog. Be careful with being too snarky. If you're self-conscious, bitter, or defensive, that will show too, regardless if you try to hide it or not.

My blog, to me, is everything that's in my head. It is my mind cut open. 

Here is a picture of a cat.

"Thanks for reading!"

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