Friday, March 8, 2013

You Are Not Your Job

TGIF, amiright?
You're not. 

You're also not your parents. You're not even what you eat (unless you're eating parts of yourself, then I'll admit that you are what you eat in this one instance).

You're not a tall glass of water and you're certainly not a ray of sunshine.

You are not your friends. You are not your race or your sex or sex. 

Listen to me. You are not your job. 

You are not an anteater, feeding on scores of little red Formicidae, under the shade of a rustling coconut tree. Why would you even think that? You're not that at all.

What were you even thinking, dummy? You're not even close to being an anteater! 
Someday, in twenty years or so, there will be clones on this world. When you finally get your clone at the Super Walmart or whatever, you won't even be your clone (though genetically speaking, yes, you will be your clone).

You are not a planet or even a planetoid. You are not Pluto, so very far away and so alone.

You are not a thimble. You are not a blanket. You are not an open book. Nothing like a book, really.

Books don't even have organs like a person, usually
Remember when you snapped at me because I got us lost? And you were so grumpy that you didn't talk to anyone when we finally got to that party? And some people whispered that you were a jerk? Well you're not a jerk. We all get mad sometimes.

You are not your job, that's true. You are also not your career. You're not even your art (though I do enjoy your art, I'm not saying I don't, I'm just saying that you, yourself, are not your art).

I freaking love art but you are not your art 
You are not irrelevant. Or a statistic. You are not a stereotype. You're not a screw up (even though you do screw up, a lot). 

When someone says, "This" is what you are, you should always say, "No, I am not that." Even when it's a compliment. Especially.

Sometimes you'll really think that you are your awful job. Don't. Peel your job off like a bad argyle sweater. That's what I always say. 

Look outside. It's Friday.