Monday, July 15, 2013

Ways to Keep Your Mind off this Sad, Sick, Broken World of Ours

SO, yes, yes, it's been a tough year for America and a pretty bad week all together even and maybe you just wanna curl up and gag in a corner, yes, I know! 

But there are things you can do when the trauma of existence gets you down, friends! 

Ignore it! 

Asiana Flight 214 getting you down? Hey, why wouldn't it? A third crash victim has died, another young girl (all the deaths, so far, have been young girls!)! And more still may die, and we get juvenile pranks such as this: 

A San Francisco affiliate accidentally aired these names after a National Transportation Safety Board summer intern (WHAT?) confirmed them. You can read about the story and subsequent reaction here, but why would you even do that and lose the little faith you have left in people? In fact, if you're going to experience anything remotely Korean, why don't you just watch this video, friends: 

Crayon Pop is fun and fun is fun!! 

Okay, now that we got that terribleness out of our minds, let's talk about Edward Snowden and being spied on by our own government? On second thought, let's not! Why talk about Snowden when you can talk about Snowday, the movie! 

"It's a Snow Day. Anything Can Happen."  

Chevy Chase and Chris Elliott in the same movie? I say: What NSA!? I say: Who doesn't just love a snow day?! 

There's a little town in Quebec called Lac-Megantic that was obliterated by a runaway train - you know what, don't even worry about that, just pretend I didn't even say anything about that and get a soothing bowl of pho

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle dish that has rice noodles, herbs and spices, and, of course, MEAT. Pho is incredible because the meat and vegetables will cook inside the steaming broth. It is also wonderful because if you get it at the right place (I'm looking at YOU, Nhu Lan Bakery!) there is so much of it that you become deliriously full of pho and become tired and you won't even have the energy to think about the terrible scary sad heartbreaking compromised disgusting violent racist misogynistic world! 

George Zimmerman killed a kid! He shot him in the heart! Oh well!

Buy new shoes or whatever! That's what I did! Nice shoes without shoelaces (I freaking hate shoelaces!!!!!!)!

Now my feet are happy, and when my feet are happy I'm happy! I'm so happy that I've written this blog about how to be happy when everything seems wrong! Because everything is wrong! Oh wait, there I go again being all sad and stuff! It just creeps up on you sometimes and grabs at your throat, but you need to be vigilant in these times of ours, banish those thoughts and embrace beautiful vacuity, fill your heart up with that great empty until you have no room for anything else and then dance, it's summer already, so dance!

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