Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Story I've Written For My Students To Correct Because They Just Don't Care About Verb Tenses!

This dog is mean and try to killed me!
I was walking to the grocery store when suddenly a dog jump over a fence and chase me. He chase me across the street for miles and miles until I become tired. I didn’t know why he was chased me, but I do know that I had to stop him. I kick him on the snout! Then I run to the police station. 

Watched out, Policeman! 
Only one policeman is there. The one policeman say, “I will protected you.” Then the dog eat him!

I can’t believed it!

“You were the worst dog,” I will say. The dog barks. Dogs always barked when they’re mad, I’ve learn.

I find a burger with cheese in the police station and will throw it at the dog. “Ate this!” I scream. The dog eat it!

By now, the dog is so full and fat that he fall asleep. He is so cute! I think dogs were the cutest when asleep.

“You’re not so bad,” I say. I hug him, picked him up, and will take him home and care for him.

That happens five years ago. He still ate people. But I loved him! I will always took care of him. 

I will going to get another dog and they had children together someday.  

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