Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Excerpts From My Three Potential Erotic Novels

While doing research for potential publishers of my very literary novel, I've come across many, many erotic publishers that are just itching for new material! That, my literary friends, is where the money is. With that in mind, I'm posting excerpts from three potential erotic novels for their consideration (Why not use my blog to sell my work for once?!). Enjoy!

Murder Mystery Sex Erotica Book 

The only thing she wanted was to do sex with him. He wanted to do sex with her too, and then to do sex with her again, at least five times in one day, every day, until forever. The problem was this: he was the chief of police. She was a criminal. And it was his civic duty to arrest her for the murders.

He stood at her door, just sweating all over himself. Even between his fingers there was sweat because it was so hot out and because of the burning of his being.

"You don't have to do it," she said. She was wearing a white gown and was naked except for her black panties and her bra, and a tight t-shirt and jeans. She was so hot inside her skin that it was as if her birth canal was a volcano on one of Jupiter's Moon, like Olympus Mons, spewing hot lava all over, into space, the void, reaching asteroids even, melting balls of ice into tiny, useless pebbles. "You don't have to take me in and you know it," she managed to utter through her sweltering lips, desire slowly dewing.

"You're the murderer," he said, he could feel his heart beating against his jet black blazer. Thump-thump-thump. Like a knock. Like his heart was asking to be let back in. "I have a duty," he said, and he did, because he was the chief of police, and the siren before him was the murderer.

"I only murdered because I had to," she said. "You would have done the same thing if you were me."

"Maybe," he said. "But the law is the law and I have to enforce it." His hands were trembling. In his right: handcuffs. In his left: his long, hard pistol. Totally like an erect penis. "Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?" he said.

She stepped forward. He could smell her neck, the smell of lilacs in winter. "The hard way," she said, and she caressed his pistol as if it were his penis and like she was giving him a hand-job, except it was her hand on his pistol, not his penis. It was weird but also erotic.

The Martian Sex Chronicles  

As an astronaut, she knew all of the risks. Except...for falling in love. She didn't mean to reawaken the Martian King, but she had pressed the de-hibernation button against the wall and he suddenly sprang alive from his frozen crypt.

She was wearing her tight silver spacesuit and sexy high heels and she gripped a blaster in her right hand that almost looked like a penis, but it shot lasers instead of semen. "Oh no," she said as the Martian King awoke, screaming in his erotic Martian tongue.

The Martian King wore a big golden helmet that fit perfectly over his wide, bulbous head. His eyes were huge, like eight inches long, and his skin was dark red, like a heart beating thunderously with love. He only wore a loin cloth over his naked penis and butt. He saw before him an angel, he could barely make out her black skin through her helmet and wanted to do sex with her immediately. He rose from the crypt. Alive at last.

She screamed, but not out of fear...out of intense unfathomable desire. But how would they do sex in the severe Martian habitat? He came to her, not came in the gross way, like cum, I mean like he walked over to her and they hugged and he kissed her on the neck. Did I mention he had two sets of lips? "Better for pleasure," he would have said (but didn't, not here).

Anyway, she suddenly had an idea. She would take him to her spaceship and the would make wild passion. In zero gravity. HOT.

Sex and the Single Mermaid 

He was running out of air fast. He had lost his team as he searched the innards of the derelict ship. He told them to go ahead so he could investigate further, because he was the bravest, and an alpha male, and he had big biceps and a well proportioned face, and no scars except for on his shoulder - and that scar give him tremendous character. "If I am to die," he said, "I wish I could die doing sex."

And that's when he saw her: her, green skin and beautiful lush brown hair dropping below her ample bosom. "Are you an angel!" he screamed but he couldn't scream because he was underwater. That's when he noticed she was a mermaid.

"Oh goodness!" he said, lustfully.

She floated towards him with an inquisitive, erotic, stare. If she wasn't in the water already she would have been wet just because of him, sexually.

"I want to do sex with you so bad!" he said to her. And somehow, she understood, and she nodded!

"Let's totally do it," she said.

And they totally had sex there in the water. How erotic is that?


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