Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 (So Far)

I've been terrible at updating my blog, my love and joy, and it's practically criminal, friends. But I thought I'd give some updates as I return to writing here more frequently (one can hope, one can hope).

Firstly, some good news! I've had a list piece published in McSweeney's Internet Tendency! This is truly an honor and I'm currently at a loss for words, but you can read it here: "The Writer Exits Dramatically."

I've also had a crazy piece posted in Entropy, another site I really respect and admire. It involves, um.

A relationship? It's called "Scenes from a Relationship," and you can check that out here, friends.

I've also continued editing and writing pieces for the Critical Kpop site that Zander Stachniak and I have started, which is a big reason I haven't written much here. I've committed to Kpop this year, but Read My Blog Please is the one I have to keep coming back to you know? But anyway, you could check that site out here! Here's a picture because you love pictures, apparently:

I'm also editing fiction at Ghost Ocean Magazine, and the brilliant Heather Cox just did a redesign of the site. Issue 17 just came out and it's beautiful (words, images, site layout, etc). You know what? You're beautiful too. Here's our old logo, but you can check out the new look for the site here.

And what else? I've recently returned from a Writer's Residency in the beautiful Fergus Falls (right in Minnesota). I had three weeks to work on my collection of short stories, which I completed, thanks to the wonderful people at Springboard for the Arts and the Hinge Arts Residency Program. They're just some of the most supportive people I have ever met! Check them out!

Did I mention the residency is on the campus of an old state hospital (the Kirkbride) and has loads of history? I should have mentioned that. Next time.

And that's it for me on the creative front! I'll be posting more updates soon! Hopefully some more good ones!

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