In which careful thought is given to society, culture, life, liberty, etc.

On Dealing with Dread (as a writer)

The Tao of Columbo

How I Saved an Old Lady in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible at the Sea-Tac Airport or My Winter Vacation in Seven Parts

Observations on Millennial Living

The Cancellation of "Totally Biased" and What that Means for Diversity, New Narratives, and the Humor of Oppression

Can We Have the Same Conversation with Women Writers? Switching the Genders in the Newsweek Profile, "The Lush Life of William T. Vollmann", to Highlight and Question the Prism of Modern Literary Machismo

Shh (I'm at the bookstore and I should be working but I'm writing this blog instead)

Here are some thoughts about teaching at the college level.

What I'm Doing Right Now

You're Only As Old As Your Age

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